Health: Nursing Station
20 Images
Miss Taylor, Forteau Nursing Station
Nurse Michener outside Forteau Nursing Station
Jane Masey Belben & Myra Normore Fowler
Bessie Flynn in front of the Nursing Station.
Olive Belben Buckle standing on the rail of the nursing station.
Olive Belbin Buckle, Bessie Saulter Flynn, and Annie Frietag Butt in Forteau at the nursing station.
Phyllis Roberts with Accordion
CorneliaLinstead at Forteau Nursing Station
Shelia Elliott & Grace Ryland Normore at Forteau Nursing Station,1960's
Grace Ryland Normore at the nursing station in Forteau.
A photo of the Louie A Hall Nursing Station in Forteau during the 1950s
Nursing Station Ladies, 1950s
Ethel Belben Hunt and Grace Ryland Normore 1960's
Aunt Mary Fowler and Bessie Flynn at the nursing station in Forteau 1930
Nurse Mitchener and Ann Thompson outside Louis A Hall Nursing Station
Aunt Mary Fowler & Nurse on the steps of the Nursing Station, Forteau 1952
Dorothy Fowler. Contributor: Pearle Buckle
Two girls sitting in the window of the nursing station in 1957
Bessie Flynn, Nurse and Child, 1950s. Contributor: Margaret Saulter
Unknown Lady Reading at Dennison Cottage

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