Domestic Life: Love and Marriage
12 Images
Joe and Mariah Belben on their Wedding Day, 1950.
Wedding Day of Jack and Lily Buckle, 1960
James Linstead and Julia Ann Normore, 1903
Billy and Sophie Roberts Wedding Photo, 1958
Patrick and Ruby Cabot's Wedding Day, May 30, 1955
Jack and Lily Buckle on their Wedding Day, 1960
Phyllis and Ken Roberts wedding picture, January 16, 1958.
Leslie and Muriel Chubbs Wedding Day, 1949
Mabel Wellman on her Wedding Day, 1940s
Frank and Mildred Normore's Wedding Day, April 1959
Gertie (Pike) Fowler and Standford Fowler on their wedding day in 1957.
Wedding Quilt Embroidered by Hazel O'Brien

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