Domestic Life: Skills and Traditions
24 Images
Sealskin Boots, mitts, hat made by Ruby Cabot
Julie Yetman making a hooked mat. 1950s
Quilt for Sister Lorraine Power, made by Ruby Cabot
Wedding quilt by Iris Layden,
Traditional Hooked Mat by Florence Linstead in the home of Grace Normore
Traditional Hooked Mat by Mary Normore in the home of Grace Normore
Traditional hooked Rug owned by Diana Davis, hooked by her mother. 1950s
A sugar bag quilt made by Patricia Normore.
Scrap Quilt by Gertie Fowler
Hand knitted socks by Effie Fowler. 1950s or 60s
The Rolling Pin was made from birch wood crafted by Arthur Ryland for his wife Irene. It was used to roll pie crust.
Knitted gloves handcrafted by Sarah Normore.
Rosalie Cabot with some of her knitting
Closeup of Julie Irene Ryland knitting
Kathleen O'Brien showing quilt patches she is working on.
Ruby Cabot knitting
Martha Jones showing one of her quilts.
Hazel Thomas baking teabuns.
Mary Barney playing accordian
Florence Linstead showing a hooked mat that she made many years ago.
Mag Goudie quilting
Julie May Ryland knitting
Julie Irene Ryland with her knitting
Myrtle Jones with embroidered quilt patch

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