Health: Health Professionals
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Cornelia Linstead receiving her LPN pin in the 1970's.
Cornelia Linstead at St Anthony Hospital. 1970s
Ruth Sampson, Mary Taylor & Cornelia Linstead. 1980s
Birthday party for Aunt Mary Fowler
Miss Taylor & her dog in 1967 on the steps of the Forteau Nursing Station.
Mary Fowler and Mary Taylor, 1950s
Cornelia Linstead working at the Forteau Nursing Station, 1960s
Ethel Belben Hunt in the medicine room at the nursing station 1970's.
Nurse Taylor with her dogs 1950s
Nurse Michener outside the Forteau Nursing Station
A Nursing Social
Cornelia & her parents, Mr & Mrs Wesley Linstead, at her RN graduation in 1978.
Miss Skelli, a nurse in the 1960s
Cornelia Linstead at her nursing graduation in 1969.

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